The 3 best ways to store items safely in your mini storage

Be sure to do a number of things before you move your stuff into a mini-storage unit brilliant storage. You may be familiar with the self-storage system that allows you store your items far from your residence or apartment. You could probably come up with a few more ideas. However, we’ll focus on just three important factors that should be considered.

Everything should be inventoried before placing in a mini-storage container

To ensure that you understand what goes into your storage unit before you start putting things in, it is important to do an inventory. If you want to be sure that everything is in order, take photos. Maybe even make a short list. You may think this is excessive, but you want to avoid being left in a situation where you are unsure if what you put into the unit has disappeared.

2. Consider putting smaller items into containers made of clear plastic

The answer depends entirely on the items you plan to store. No need to repackage the items you put in the unit if they are large. It is important to place smaller items, such as toys, in plastic containers. If you organize everything, not only can it be helpful but also make it easier for you to identify the items inside.

Elevate All Your Furniture At Least 100cm Off The Floor

No matter if a mini storage unit claims to be floodproof, it is important that you elevate all your things at least 100cm above the flooring. This may or may not always work depending on your mini storage service provider. However, some will allow you to put cinderblocks on the flooring before you add any valuables. This is a great way to keep your goods safe.

Doing these things will greatly increase the chance that all your belongings are safely stored within the chosen mini storage unit. Although insurance can be helpful, it will only pay out claims if the insurer has concrete proof about the items you stored in the storage unit. The first thing we recommend is that you inventory all of the things in your storage unit.

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