Slate Roof maintenance tips from Slate Roof Repair Specialists

There are lots of benefits of installing Roof Restoration Sydney Wide Specialists, including their beautiful looks, the fact is that they last for decade if they are well-maintained, fire resistance, and environment-friendly. But to enjoy these benefits to the fullest, you need to know that maintaining your slate roof is essential.

Cleaning and Precautions:

As much as you possibly can, do not walk on the slate roofing when carrying out any sort of maintenance. Surface weight can lead to thin slate breaking or cracking, which will cause additional damage to your home.

You can perform the majority of roof maintenance by regularly assessing your roof. First check for damaged or cracked sections. In the event that you find any of these, call a specialist right away. A roof crack or break can let water leak and cause extensive water damage. Repairing the roof damage is more cost-effective and quicker than having to deal with extensive water loss.

Keep an eye out on your roof for anything that looks irregular. You will probably need to change the flashing on your roof sooner than any major repair. Get professional advice before replacing sheathing beneath the slate to replace flashing. There are different specifications for each sheathing product.

Checking Quality:

Your roof can be viewed from outside. From the loft you can also see inside your roof. When it is raining, you should use a flash light to inspect the roof woods for water stains. When you find water spots on your roof, it’s important to look at the hairline cracks.

Many things can be seen from the floor. Look for sloped slate tiles. A powdery look on tiles means that the tile has failed and must be replaced. Be sure to check your mortar joint along the roof’s ridgeline for any cracks or gaps. The mortar may need replacing if the roof has any cracks and splits.

Typical maintenance costs and charges

Slate Roof Repair Specialists say that cost can vary from one area to another. Some small repairs such as replacing a single broken shingle could be less than a hundred dollars. While more intensive cleaning and maintenance may require several thousand dollars. Even with the high cost to install a slate roofing system, repairs and maintenance may still be worthwhile.

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